Fortitude Valley Train Transforms into Spontaneous Rave, Enthralling Commuters

DJ Kyel 925 and his team spontaneously transformed a Sunday train from Fortitude Valley into a lively rave, surprising Brisbane commuters with an impromptu dance party on the Shorncliffe line, bringing some excitement to the trip but raising some concerns about order and safety.

Around 6:30 p.m., DJ Kyel 925, affiliated with No.1 Network and Liquid Steele Sessions, seized the opportunity to entertain passengers after a gig. Selecting an empty carriage to minimise disturbances, the DJ set up a portable speaker and laptop, instantly creating a festive atmosphere. 

The musical session, which stretched over seven stops, saw passengers, including children and a mother, enthusiastically joining the dance.

Inspired by similar events in Europe and Sydney artist Mr C, Kyel expressed the unique appeal of a moving train serving as a dynamic stage. This concept resonated well with passengers, some of whom described the experience as the “best club in the Valley.”

Despite the high spirits, Queensland Rail spokespersons urged participants to maintain safety and respect for other commuters. They highlighted the importance of keeping aisles clear and considerate of those who might not appreciate the high music volume.

However, people online had a different reaction to the impromptu rave. 

“Hopefully this does not become a trend,” one Reddit user commented.

“This is just TikTok garbage though. It wasn’t a fun spontaneous thing, it was content.”

“It’s hard enough to keep the sanctity of the quiet carriage already. I’d have to point at the ‘Ssshhhquiet carriage’ sign … alot.”

Encouraged by the success and the positive reception, both Kyel and the event organisers from Liquid Steele Sessions are contemplating another such event. They aim to continue promoting local talent and unique experiences, reflecting Brisbane’s vibrant community spirit.

Published 28-May-2024