Fortitude Valley’s Most Sought-After Restaurants in 2024

As Brisbane embraces a post-pandemic reality in 2024, the city’s dining scene is experiencing a remarkable resurgence. With restrictions eased, residents and visitors alike are enthusiastically returning to restaurants, eager to indulge in shared culinary experiences.

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In Fortitude Valley, a few establishments have emerged as the go-to destinations for this renewed appetite for dining out. These restaurants, a mix of new ventures and beloved staples, have captured the public’s imagination and taste buds, becoming the most sought-after tables in town. Here’s a closer look at the restaurants that are currently dominating Fortitude Valley’s vibrant food scene:

Yoko Dining 

Photo credit: Yoko Dining/Google Maps

Yoko Dining, located on Boundary Street in Brisbane City, brings the vibrant atmosphere of Tokyo’s music bars to the riverside Howard Smith Wharves. This split-level izakaya offers a unique blend of Japanese cuisine and pop culture, creating an energetic dining experience. With its vinyl-charged ambiance, Yoko Dining promises a fun and immersive journey into contemporary Japanese dining culture.


Photo credit: Petite/Google Maps


Petite, the latest addition to Cameron and Jordan Votan’s restaurant portfolio, has established itself at the intersection of East and Ann in Fortitude Valley. This intimate 80-seat eatery blends French bistro aesthetics with contemporary industrial design, featuring vintage lighting and classic seating alongside modern accents. The menu, crafted by Chef Aubrey Courtel, presents a thoughtfully selected array of dishes, each complemented by a specially chosen wine, delivering a sophisticated yet accessible dining experience.


Photo credit: Emme James Street/Google Maps

Emme, which made its debut in late April, marks head chef Tze Lian’s first venture as a co-proprietor. This cosy 40-seat establishment offers a menu that draws inspiration from co-owner Sultan Amesheh’s Middle Eastern roots, artfully combined with Tze Lian’s and sous chef Fin Burgess’ proficiency in Mediterranean and wood-fired cooking techniques. Emme presents a distinctive culinary adventure that melds Middle Eastern flavours with modern Australian cuisine.


Photo credit: Fatcow on James St/Facebook

Fatcow, located in the former David Jones boutique store’s ground level, is the newest creation from esteemed hospitality veteran Michael Tassis. With its sultry, opulent ambiance, Fatcow delivers a refined dining experience centred on Chef Garry Newton’s expertly grilled steaks and an array of seafood delicacies. The venue’s wine selection, boasting over 300 varieties, caters to both wine aficionados and steak lovers.

Essa Restaurant and Wine Bar

Photo credit: ESSA Restaurant & Wine Bar/Facebook

Essa, situated on Robertson Street, introduces an elevated, tailor-made dining concept near the James St precinct. The menu explores innovative yet accessible flavour combinations through an array of raw, fermented, smoked, and fire-cooked dishes, with highlights such as quail and pork chop showcasing intense, distinctive flavours. 

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As these restaurants continue to gain popularity, they not only enrich the local culinary landscape but also solidify Fortitude Valley’s reputation as a premier dining destination in Brisbane. With their focus on quality ingredients, creative menus, and distinctive atmospheres, these new establishments are setting the stage for an exciting future in Brisbane’s gastronomic journey.

Published 22-July-2024

Hollywood Star Vince Vaughn Samples Finest of Fortitude Valley

Actor Vince Vaughn has been making waves in Fortitude Valley, sampling the suburb’s culinary delights following his appearance at a local conference.

The “Wedding Crashers” star, in town for the Power of Success conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday, has been spotted at several high-profile eateries in the Valley.

Vaughn’s gastronomic tour of Fortitude Valley began Thursday evening when he dined at SK Steak and Oyster, where he was seen chatting with owner Simon Gloftis. The actor continued his culinary exploration on Friday, starting with breakfast at Hellenika and later enjoying lunch at Sushi Room, where he was photographed with head chef Shimpei Raikuni.

Vince Vaughn with Chef Shimpei Raikuni at Sushi Room
Photo Credit: Instagram

Eyewitnesses at Sushi Room reported seeing Vaughn indulge in a variety of dishes, from sushi to sashimi.

All three restaurants — SK Steak and Oyster, Hellenika, and Sushi Room — are located within the Calile Hotel in Fortitude Valley, where Vaughn is reportedly staying during his Brisbane visit.

The actor’s choice of accommodations and dining spots highlights Fortitude Valley’s growing reputation as a hub for luxury hospitality and fine dining in Brisbane. Vaughn’s visit has brought additional attention to the area’s thriving food scene.

As of now, it’s unclear how long Vaughn plans to stay in Brisbane or if he has any other activities scheduled in Fortitude Valley or elsewhere in the city.

Vaughn was in Brisbane to speak at the Power of Success conference about business, branding, marketing, and personal development.

Published 7-June-2024