Brisbane Ranks 3rd Australia Rudest City in Survey

Brisbane has emerged as the third rudest city in Australia whilst the quaint Queensland town of Bundaberg ranked at the top, according to a recent survey conducted by the learning platform Preply. 

Aimed to uncover which Australian cities were perceived as having the rudest residents, the survey sheds light on why this trend potentially challenges the nation’s reputation for friendliness.

The survey unveiled that whilst the overall average rudeness rating for Australians was 5.31, several towns stood out for their elevated rudeness levels, all of which were located in Queensland. 

Topping the list was Bundaberg, with a rudeness score of 5.81, closely followed by Rockhampton at 5.79 and Brisbane City at 5.58.

Photo Credit: Preply

Experts at Preply speculated that this regional trend in rudeness could be attributed, in part, to the challenging climate conditions that Queensland regularly faces. The state has experienced severe climate extremes, including floods, bushfires, heatwaves, and droughts, which might contribute to heightened stress levels among residents.

Interestingly, Preply’s survey also highlighted that the Sunshine Coast, another Queensland region, claimed the title of the most polite city in Australia, with a courtesy score of 4.58. This incongruity raises questions about the factors influencing residents’ behaviour across different parts of Queensland.

Polite City
Photo Credit: Preply

Preply’s survey involved 1,503 participants from 22 major metropolitan areas across Australia. Respondents were asked to rate the rudeness of their respective cities on a scale from one to 10, with 10 indicating the highest level of rudeness. 

Additionally, the participants were questioned about the most common types of rude behaviour they encountered. These ranged from being noisy in public spaces and talking on the phone while going through supermarket checkouts to not giving a thank-you wave when another driver allowed them to merge in traffic.

rudest behaviours
Photo Credit: Preply

Interestingly, neglecting to offer guests a drink or refreshments at home was considered the least voted rude behaviour, highlighting the significance of hospitality in Australian culture.

Amy Pritchett, the Cultural Director at Preply, explained that the survey was designed to help travellers gauge what to expect when visiting different cities and regions.

Published 25-Aug-2023