Award-Winning Chef Martin Boetz Presents Short Grain Restaurant in Fortitude Valley

In a heritage-listed former clothing factory in Fortitude Valley lies one of Brisbane’s best kept culinary secrets, Short Grain restaurant.

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Step inside its brick walls and you will discover a warm and cosy space bathed in natural light, complete with banquette seating and artwork by Vicki Lee. This inviting backdrop provides the perfect canvas for award-winning chef and author Martin Boetz’s mouth-watering Thai-inspired cuisine.

From duck egg custards enveloped in pork fat pastry to fragrant curries made from scratch, each dish on the menu emerges from the kitchen as a feast for the senses. 

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The drinks menu expertly pairs with each plate, celebrating the bold spices and flavours of Boetz’s cooking. Beyond the exceptional dining experience, Short Grain allows guests to take the magic home through house-made products like curry sauces, condiments, and ready-to-go meals.

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Martin Boetz is no newcomer when it comes to dishing up exceptional Asian cuisine. He honed his craft as co-owner and Executive Chef at the acclaimed Longrain restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne for over 20 years combined.

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Under Boetz’s leadership, Longrain Sydney won Best New Restaurant and two chefs hats in its very first year of opening back in 2002. He continued to helm the kitchen for 14 illustrious years, helping cement Longrain as one of Australia’s premier Thai dining destinations.

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Now in 2023, the award-winning chef has returned to his hometown Brisbane to open Short Grain. Drawing from decades of experience wowing diners across Australia, Boetz promises to deliver an exceptional Asian dining experience in the heart of Fortitude Valley.

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Foodies searching for a true taste of Asia need look no further than this hidden gem located at 15 Marshall Street. Open Wednesday through Saturday evenings and Sunday lunch, the cosy eatery welcomes walk-ins to its modern room filled with heritage charm.

Published 13-November-2023

Superstar Chef Opens Thai Eatery and Asian Food Store in Fortitude Valley

This superstar chef acclaimed for his work at iconic Sydney and Melbourne Thai restaurant Longrain has opened his first Brisbane restaurant. Charmingly named ‘Short Grain by Martin Boetz,’ the new Fortitude Valley venue is a retail store and smart-casual Thai eatery, offering good service and accessible food.

Martin Boetz is one of the few names that stand out when it comes to Thai cuisine. Celebrated for his illustrious career that includes stints in finest restaurants, two cookbooks, television appearances, numerous awards and accolades, his new venture marries his passion for Thai and South Asian cuisine with his desire to make his culinary creations accessible to everyone..

 Renowned Chef Opens Thai Eatery and Asian Food Store in the Valley
Photo Credit:  Short Grain /

Whilst hunting for a suitable location, Martin chanced upon and fell in love with a double tenancy at the 1890s Stewart & Hemmant building on McLachlan Street in Fortitude Valley.

The 225-sqm space with high ceilings, large windows and exposed brick, however, is too large for a Thai grocer. Martin thought that an eatery would be a great addition to this space. And so ‘Short Grain’ was born.

The venue features a 60-seat eatery and an in-house Asian Food retail store where patrons can buy his signature curries and other ingredients including chilli jam, soy mirin dressing, yellow-bean soy dressing, fish and soy sauces and other condiments as well as pre-prepared meals. The store also offers socially curated bottles of wine which includes a house red and white options.

 Renowned Chef Opens Thai Eatery and Asian Food Store in the Valley
Hot and sour salad of squid and pork | Photo Credit:  Short Grain /

The Thai Eatery offers 15 concise, mouth-watering options including snacks, salads and curries. Some of the must-try appetisers include chicken skin with smoked trout, green mango and peanut relish; hot and sour squid with Vietnamese mint, green shallots and roasted rice; and crab served with sweet pork, green papaya and betel leaves.

 Renowned Chef Opens Thai Eatery and Asian Food Store in the Valley
Kao Soi of Braised Beef | Photo Credit:  Short Grain /

The Mains dishes include options include the likes of fried whole market fish served with caramelised turmeric, pineapple and fried basil; caramelised pork hock with fried garlic, chilli vinegar and coriander; and soy braised quail, crisp garlic and peppercorns and black vinegar.

Renowned Chef Opens Thai Diner and Asian Food Store in the Valley
Crisp Fried Whiting with Green Chilli & Galangal Nahm Jim | Photo Credit:  Short Grain /

The menu will eventually evolve once new head chef Daniele Passaretta takes over.

According to Martin, his return to Brisbane wasn’t about opening a restaurant; it was about a change of pace and wanting to take some time off. However, this does not mean he is ready to retire; he explains that he still has plans to open a Thai store to keep himself occupied. 

Located at 15 Marshall Street, Fortitude Valley, Short Grain is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12 pm until late, and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. 

Published 23-September-2023