Fortitude Valley’s Newest Hotspot: Ballers Clubhouse Revolutionises Party Time as Playtime

Want to spice up your nightlife? Ballers Clubhouse, the brainchild of hospitality visionaries, is set to revolutionise party time as playtime in Fortitude Valley.

The energetic Ballers Clubhouse, hailing from Melbourne’s busy streets, is getting ready to revamp the familiar spot formerly occupied by King of Kings restaurant on Wickham Street.

This isn’t just your ordinary watering hole, though; it’s more like an adult playground with extra features to spice up your social adventures such as cutting-edge ping pong, darts, and even a karaoke gum ball machine.  

Highlights of Ballers Clubhouse

Neo Shuffle: A modern twist on the classic shuffleboard game, Neo Shuffle adds high-tech elements to elevate the experience. Players slide pucks down a sleek surface, aiming for strategic points to outscore their opponents.

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

360 Ping Pong: Prepare to take your ping pong skills to the next level with 360 Ping Pong. This immersive game challenges players to navigate around a circular table, keeping the ball in play from all angles for an exhilarating and fast-paced match.

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Social Darts: Darts get a social upgrade with this interactive game. Compete against friends or new acquaintances in a lively atmosphere, with various game modes and challenges to keep the excitement going.

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Ballpit Karaoke: With Ballpit Karaoke, enjoy the best possible karaoke experience. Immersed in a colourful ball pit with contagious energy and colourful balls, sing your heart out. You’ve never experienced karaoke like this before!

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Still, that’s not the end of the exciting part. The meals and drinks at Ballers Clubhouse are designed to go well with the lively ambience and keep you feeling upbeat. A tempting assortment of finger food will be served, including crowd favourites like green curry arancini and panko-prawn tacos. 

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse
Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse
Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Fun and Unique Cocktails

Naturally, no trip would be complete without sampling their inventive cocktail menu. Enjoying a snack in between games or a distinctive beverage, Ballers Clubhouse’s menu guarantees an exciting and flavorful experience every time you visit.

Houdini’s Escape

This cocktail is named after the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini and is designed to evoke the thrill of his daring feats. A little safe is used to present the drink when it is ordered, which adds a mysterious and thrilling touch. An interesting and participatory element to the drinking experience is that in order to open the safe and enjoy your drink, you must first crack the code. It’s an experience waiting to happen, not simply a drink.

Smoky Skull Heist Negroni

With a hint of mystery and drama, this drink is a modern take on the traditional Negroni. The cocktail is delivered in what looks like a scene out of a crime movie—a black briefcase covered in smoke. The presentation creates a buzz of excitement and expectation that makes for an unforgettable sipping experience. Your evening at Ballers Clubhouse will be slightly more exciting as you sip on a Skull Heist Negroni, which will make you feel like you’re a part of a daring escapade.

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Ballers Clubhouse is more than simply a drinking game; it’s an attempt to gamify social interactions, created by a dynamic team that includes Chris Roberton, Stephen Wools, Josh Lefers, and Simon Jones. 

“We wanted to explore what lies beyond the typical bar experience,” says Stephen Wools. “That’s when we discovered this trend of competitive socialising that was gaining traction overseas.”

Following its success in Melbourne, Ballers Clubhouse now has Brisbane squarely in its sights. With 1,200 square metres of space and the ability to hold 600 people, the Fortitude Valley venue is sure to be a show-stopper. Imagine edgy urban sensations that are expertly blended with opulent details and first-rate facilities.

Ballers Clubhouse is scheduled to debut in March or April of 2024. Now that the ball is in your court, get set to play. Follow their Instagram page at @ballersclubhouse for more details.

Published Date 20-March-2024