From Spring Hill to Paris: Bronte Campbell Seeks Olympic Comeback

Two-time gold medallist Bronte Campbell, who honed her skills at the Centenary Pool in Spring Hill, is gearing up for her fourth Olympics at Paris 2024 after taking an 18-month break from the pool to recover from severe injuries and focus on her corporate career.

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A journey of pain and recovery

At 27, Bronte Campbell was in crippling pain despite her gold medal victory at the Tokyo Olympics. She struggled with severe injuries to her shoulder, neck, back, and hip, making daily activities agonising.

The relentless workload of training and competing had taken a toll on her body and mind, leading her to consider retiring from professional swimming.

In 2021, Campbell took what would be an 18-month hiatus from swimming to focus on her studies and a new career. She completed her degree in business at the Queensland University of Technology and began working as a senior consultant at Ernst & Young.

Bronte Campbell returns, faces tough competition

Despite her success in the corporate world, Campbell felt an undeniable pull to return to swimming. The break had allowed her to rehabilitate her injuries and build strength, and she found herself in the lowest level of pain in years.

Realising she could swim without pain, Campbell made the decision to chase her fourth Olympic appearance. She left her job at Ernst & Young and moved to Canberra to train at the Australian Institute of Sport under new coach Shannon Rollason.

“To step away and make a change and then come back, that was really powerful for me,” Campbell said.

In the lead-up to Paris, Campbell faces stiff competition — the women’s 100m freestyle at the Australian Olympic swimming trials is set to be one of the toughest races.

There, she will have to compete with other top contenders including Emma McKeon, Shayna Jack, Cate Campbell, Meg Harris, and Mollie O’Callaghan.

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As Bronte Campbell prepares for the Paris Olympics, her journey from pain to recovery and her relentless pursuit of excellence inspire many.

Whether she continues to compete beyond Paris or not, her impact on the sport and her commitment to her passions are undeniable.

Published 10-June-2024

Freeman James Henderson Jailed for Causing Grievous Bodily Harm in Bicycle Collision

Former Queensland Reds Academy player Freeman James Henderson has been sentenced to prison time for a bicycle collision on William Street that left a pedestrian with lifelong brain injuries.

Freeman James Henderson collides with the victim

On April 7, 2022, 30-year-old Henderson, was cycling in William St near the intersection with the Victoria Bridge when he struck 42-year-old Hayley Small as she was crossing the road. CCTV footage showed that Henderson was travelling 11km/h over the speed limit and went through a red light, hitting Small as she crossed with a walk signal.

Small, a mother of three from Townsville, was in Brisbane with her children for a football trip. She was thrown 3.8 metres by the impact, knocking her unconscious. Paramedics arrived to find Small with life-threatening head injuries. She was hospitalised for over two months and continues to suffer effects from the traumatic brain injury.

Legal consequences

In the Brisbane District Court on Wednesday, Henderson pleaded guilty to dangerously operating his bicycle causing grievous bodily harm. The prosecution asserted that Henderson’s actions were not a lapse in judgement, evidenced by his driving history of traffic violations.

Judge Vicki Loury sentenced Henderson to two years in jail, suspended after three months. She called Henderson’s cycling reckless and said he failed to keep proper lookout for Small’s safety.

Impact on the victim

In her victim impact statement, Small said the collision changed her life and her family’s. She has permanent medical issues requiring medication and struggles with speech and memory.

Unable to work while hospitalised, she lost her home. Separation from her children during recovery caused distress.

Freeman James Henderson apologised to Small in a letter to the court. He has agreed to pay her $20,000 in compensation.

Published 01-March-2024

Brisbane Girls Grammar School to Open Junior School, Accept Years 5 and 6 Students in 2026

Did you know that Brisbane Girls Grammar School will welcome over 200 students from Years 5 and 6 in 2026, when it opens its new Junior School?

Considered one of the top public grammar schools in QLD, Brisbane Girls Grammar School (BGGS) currently caters to students from Year 7 to 12. 

In a letter sent to families on Monday, 16 July 2023,the school announced its plans to establish a Junior School, to be housed in a purpose-designed, five-storey building located at 89 Gregory Terrace, directly across from the existing Spring Hill campus.

Applications for Years 5 and 6 are now open, with priority given to parents who had initially applied for their child to enter Year 7 in 2028.

The expansion to Years 5 and 6 at BGGS is a testament to the school’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and immersive educational experience to its students. Each class in the Junior School will consist of 25 students, led by a dedicated primary school teacher. The official schooling hours for these new year levels are yet to be confirmed.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School
Photo Credit: BGGS/Facebook

Principal Jacinda Euler Welsh, who has been with the school since 2013, expressed her enthusiasm for the addition of the Junior School. She highlighted the benefits that younger students would gain from an early introduction to BGGS, citing the small and supportive close-knit community of BGGS.

The decision to incorporate Years 5 and 6 into BGGS was carefully considered by the Board of Trustees. The school’s new junior campus will feature state-of-the-art facilities, including a library, science, art, and music spaces, a tuckshop, and various green play areas.

Furthermore, students in the Junior School will have access to the existing BGGS campus facilities, such as the pool, sports center, sports fields, and outdoor education centers.

BGGS’s expansion to include Years 5 and 6 is expected to be well-received by the community, where it enjoys an excellent reputation of providing a comprehensive, liberal education for girls and young women.

This achievement further solidifies BGGS’s position as a leading educational institution in the state.

The expansion is poised to further enhance its esteemed reputation for academic excellence and holistic education, fostering a nurturing environment for young girls to thrive.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School has posted the highest operating profit among all eight public grammar schools in Queensland. The school reported an operating profit exceeding $9 million in 2022, making it a financially robust institution.

BGGS Principal Jacinda Euler Welsh was the highest-paid school leader in Queensland in 2021 and the second highest-paid in 2022, after Richard Morrison, Headmaster and CEO of Ipswich Grammar School. 

Published 20-July-2023

Experience a Perfect Blend of Tradition and Excellence at La Cache a Vin

Despite the change in ownership, La Cache a Vin, a popular French restaurant in Spring Hill, continues to impress with its brilliant service and traditional food. Loyal patrons can breathe a sigh of relief as the new owners, Romain Maunier and Dan Arnold, maintain the restaurant’s well-established path.

Formerly owned by Thierry and Carol Galichet, who are well-known in Brisbane’s culinary community, La Cache a Vin was poised for a big change once the restaurant was sold.

Frequent guests, however, will be happy to know that La Cache a Vin remains true to its roots, with Mr Maunier overseeing operations and ensuring attentive service from an experienced team, and Mr Arnold creating his signature dishes.

La Cache A Vin
Photo Credit: LaCacheAVin/Facebook

The menu proudly showcases robust bistro offerings. Starters tantalize with options like roquefort brulee or foie gras. The entrees range from deep-fried lamb’s brains to snails in a delicious puff pastry duvet. Mains include venison, eye fillet with house-made French fries and salad, or roasted lamb. For a satisfying finale, the creme brulee remains an enticing option.

La Cache a Vin
Photo Credit: LaCacheAVin/Facebook

La Cache a Vin’s extensive drinks list is an opus, offering a variety, whilst complimentary still and sparkling water set the tone, followed by a selection of aperitifs and cocktails.

The wine selection, once curated by Galichet, is a treat, spanning from kir, Ricard, and Pastis to a page dedicated to Champagnes.

La Cache A Vine
Photo Credit: LaCacheAVin/Facebook

Whites take centre stage, particularly chardonnay, followed by an extensive exploration of reds, including pinot noir. The selection concludes with an array of sweet wines, such as the legendary Chateau d’Yquem.

Lovers of traditional French fare can rest assured that La Cache a Vin continues to deliver exceptional culinary experiences. The restaurant’s commitment to hospitality is unwavering, even maintaining its phone-only booking system. This French gem in Spring Hill is well worth a visit.

Follow La Cache a Vin on Facebook for opening hours, reservations and updates. 

Published 21-May-2023

Starlight Super Swim Participants Enjoy Free Access at the Centenary Aquatic Centre

The Starlight Super Swim Challenge is on at Centenary Aquatic Centre in Spring Hill, where participants may enjoy free access to the pool facilities.

For the whole month of February 2023, anyone who wants to join the swim challenge, regardless of age or fitness level, may use the pool without any cost if they are raising $2 million for 50,000 sick children. The initiative will help provide vital hospital services like Captain Starlight and the Starlight Express Rooms

The Starlight Children’s Foundation, alongside Speedo, the world’s leading swimwear brand, brings this challenge for a fifth year across 23 pools in the country, including the Centenary Aquatic Centre in Spring Hill.

Throughout the challenge, participants may receive training and fundraising tips, as well as rewards and incentives from the sponsors. They may also track the distance they’ve swam via the fitness app Strava, as well as encourage friends and family to show their support and donate to the cause. 

They need to complete the challenge by the 28th of February 2023. 

“We’re delighted to be able to support Starlight’s Super Swim Challenge. Giving Australians free access to some local swimming pools means even those who don’t live by a beach or have a pool at home can participate and help raise vital funds to bring happiness to sick kids,” James Hickman of Speedo said.

“Starlight has a special place in my heart as it’s supported my family during some extremely tough days in the hospital,” Starlight Ambassador Brook Hanson OAM said.

“Whether it’s just a hand on your shoulder to say, ‘it’s okay’ or having a cup of tea in the Starlight Express Room, it really does make a difference and I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

“So, this February I encourage you to grab your Speedos and join me for this year’s Super Swim. Together we can make a difference for sick kids and their families.”

On the other hand, Starlight Louise Baxter said: “Being seriously ill shouldn’t mean missing out on the joy of childhood. Especially when evidence shows happiness makes a difference to a child’s ability to cope and their long-term health outcomes.”

“Starlight has been there for sick kids when they need it most and there are no fewer sick kids who need the fun, joy and laughter Starlight brings.

“Super Swim participants will join a fundraising community of thousands as they attempt to beat their personal swimming goals and replicate the success of last year’s event, which raised over $2 million for Starlight.”

Man Left in Critical Condition After Being Crushed by Weights at a Spring Hill Gym

A man was left fighting for his life after being crushed by weights and sustaining severe injuries at a Spring Hill Gym.

Fellow gym-goers rushed to save the man who was crushed by a barbell for 33 minutes early Thursday morning on 17 November 2022 at the unstaffed Snap Fitness gym on Turbot Street, Spring Hill.

Emergency services were called at around 5.47 am and paramedics who rushed to the scene said the man’s injuries to the head and chest were “very severe.”

Queensland Ambulance Critical Director Lachlan Parker said that it’s not known what happened exactly but said that the man appears to have been “struck by a weight” that severely injured his head and chest. The man, aged between 25-35, was resuscitated and anaesthetised before being taken to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital where he is in critical condition.

Queensland Ambulance Critical Director Lachlan Parker thanked the other gym-goers at the scene who with the help of triple-zero operators immediately performed first aid whilst waiting for emergency crews to arrive.

Whilst Snap Fitness is a 24-hour gym, it is only staffed between 10 am and 7 pm, Monday to Thursday, and from 9 am to 2 pm on Fridays. 

Snap Fitness said that it is already aware of what happened at its gym in Spring Hill and that they were saddened to learn about the condition of the man. They added that they have provided the gym members who witnessed and those who assisted access to counselling services and support.

Kid Curry Online Restaurant to Open a Venue in Fortitude Valley

Kid Curry launched at the height of the pandemic lockdown in April as an online restaurant serving only flavourful packed meals for a limited pick up window at its sister site, Happy Boy. Six months since its launch and the eatery will soon open its very own brick and mortar venue in Fortitude Valley.

Cameron and Jordie Votan opened Kid Curry as a way to keep their Happy Boy (Chinese cuisine) and Snack Man (Asian fusion) workers employed during a global health crisis. Now, they have an opportunity to expand and create a mini-dining precinct under the fairylit trees in  East Street.

Kid Curry will take over the former site of Project Store, next door to Happy Boy and Snack Man. The pair plans to revitalise this section by setting up an outdoor area where their regulars can comfortably dine al fresco. 

With the debut of the permanent eatery, targeted for January 2021, Kid Curry will bring new dishes featuring the flavours of Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, as curated by chef Tom Swapp. 

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

If you haven’t tried Kid Curry’s selection, their pick up system is still in place for dine-in orders from Wednesday to Sunday between 4:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Phone 0421981882 for enquiries or check out the menu and orders via its online site

“Every Friday to Sunday the chef is dishing up new menu items, testing out for Kid Curry in a new space 2021! Come check out what’s coming for our full launch next year.”

Brisbane’s First Silent Disco Yoga Turns Up in North Quay

Experience the latest trend in fitness as W Brisbane, the boutique hotel located at 81 North Quay, brings the very first silent disco yoga to this city.

On Wednesday, the 15th of May 2019, the hotel will hold an intensive 90-minute silent disco yoga class beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Great Room.

Photo Credit:  W Brisbane/Facebook

Australian fitness expert, Kate Kendall, the founder of Flow Athletic, will lead the session, while Sydney DJ James Mack will provide the beats before, during and after the class.

A silent disco yoga class is just like any vinyasa flow session, where students set their spaces on the floor while an instructor leads in front. However, everyone will be wearing a wireless headset the whole time to clearly hear the instructor and the background music, as well as block off the sound from the outside.

Photo Credit: Flow Athletic/Facebook

With the instructor’s voice and music more amplified, participants will feel more connected and energised to do the movements correctly without being distracted by other factors. They may also adjust the volume of the sounds coming from the headset to their preference.

Yogis attending the first silent disco yoga in Brisbane will get a swag bag filled with healthy treats. However, the first 40 people to book a slot will also receive an exclusive invitation to join a workshop for Disco Yoga oil blending. Sodashi founder Megan Larsen will conduct this class.

Slots to the silent disco yoga cost $59.11 inclusive of the booking fee. Participants need only bring their yoga mat, water bottle and towel. Drinks and snacks will be served for guests.