Stage 2 Story Bridge Adventure Climb Approved Despite Privacy Concerns

Plans for a new climb at the city end of the Story Bridge Adventure Climb have been given the go-ahead despite concerns about privacy.

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XBrisbane Pty Ltd successfully lodged an application (A005619901) for the project in December 2020 and was granted approval in April 2021.

The proposed development is for a new north peak bridge climb route, viewing platform, and swing out on the Story Bridge. Planning documents also indicate that the climb will consist of 550 steps and will be approximately 60 minutes in duration. Climbs will be undertaken in groups of a maximum of 14 climbers and will be suitable for both daytime and nighttime adventure.

Aerial Photograph Showing General Location of Proposed Activity (Photo credit:

Whilst this is good news for adventure seekers and tourists, residents are worried about losing their privacy once it’s operating. In addition to privacy concerns, other issues raised include road safety and noise.

Ami, a resident of Petrie Point Apartments said the proximity to their building which is located at 100 Bowen Terrace, Fortitude Valley, would mean severe privacy implications especially with the hours proposed and additional noise impacts which are extremely concerning. 

“The Howard Smith Wharves precinct has already create issues for our complex with additional noise, people doing inappropriate things around our building and take up all available street parks. If the north end of the bridge is available to the public, our homes will also be invaded by people being able to look at us in our homes directly,” Ami wrote in her submission.

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In another submission sent to Council, one resident pointed out that application is incorrectly made and should be rejected as an “outdoor sport and recreation” of code assessment as it falls into the activity of “tourism” which requires a thorough impact assessment process.

Proposed North Peak Climb route (Photo credit:

A town planning report states that the “development is sited and designed to enable existing and future buildings to be well separated from each other to allow for light penetration, air circulation, views, vistas and privacy, particularly for residential towers.”

Once complete, The Northern Peak Climb will operate year-round in all weather conditions other than extreme winds, electrical storms or severe rainstorms. It will open from early-morning to 10:00 pm seven days a week.