Tiffany & Co Plans New Flagship Store at Former Louis Vuitton CBD Site

Iconic jeweller Tiffany & Co lodged plans to redevelop a new flagship store, expanding to the site of the former Louis Vuitton retail outlet in Queen Street Mall, CBD. 

After Louis Vuitton moved to the heritage-listed NAB building, Tiffany & Co proposed to upgrade the internal and external features of the store fronting the corners of Queen and Edward streets through DA A006236266, filed on 22 March 2023. 

Urbis, the planner for this development, indicated the addition of a larger entrance for the new fit-out on Edward Street that will create “the illusion of one large facade instead of two separate frontages.” 

“The proposal will also include an internal fit out to the suit the operational aspect of the brand, as well as an updated entrance accessible from the internal walkway in Queens Plaza.”

Some demolition inside the store has also been detailed in the proposal, including changes to the display units, the infrastructure, and internal services, new furniture and flooring, as well as changes to the store presentation. 

“The façade will incorporate various formats of jewellery displays, complementing the overall design of the shopfront and contributing towards the pedestrian experience along Queen and Edward Streets.” 

Tiffany & Co has 10 outlets across the country, with two stores in Brisbane CBD and Broadchurch in Queensland. 

Published 11-April-2023