See You Next Year! Belinda Carlisle Reschedules Fortitude Valley Gig

Belinda Carlisle fans looking forward to an early Christmas musical treat with their favourite artist would have to wait a few months more, as a severe injury has led the ’80s pop icon to postpone her Tivoli plans to next year.

The event, initially set for 1 Dec 2023, will now take place on 5 Oct 2024, at the same venue, The Tivoli. This change might come as a disappointment to some fans but also extends an opportunity for more enthusiasts to plan their attendance.

“A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with a severe injury to my left knee, which was then made even worse by an infection,” Ms Carlisle announced

“I’ve tried all sorts of therapies to give me a short term fix, but nothing has worked and now I have to have surgery to clean it out. 

“It’s severely incapacitating, the pain makes it very hard to walk or even just stand for any extended period of time and my orthopaedic doctor has advised me I run the risk of doing long term damage if I don’t take care of it properly.”

Ticket Sales and Refund Information

Tickets bought for the original date will remain valid for the rescheduled concert. This ensures that early bird fans can still secure their spot without any additional hassle.

However, for those who find the new date inconvenient, the event organizers have provided options for a full refund. Ticket holders are advised to contact their point of purchase for detailed instructions on the refund process.

Belinda Carlisle’s Special Connection with Australia

Ms Carlisle’s relationship with Australia, dating back to her early visits in the ’80s, is marked by a special bond. She has expressed a deep affection for Australia’s ambience, reminiscent of “old California,” and a strong connection with her Australian fans. 

She has shared memories of visiting Australia in 1982 and being a host on “Countdown,” as well as her experiences with the Australian music scene. Particularly notable is the local enthusiasm for her 1990 single “Summer Rain,” a chart success that is uniquely celebrated in Australia with a choreographed dance, something she has observed nowhere else.

Reflecting on her career, Carlisle appreciates the enduring popularity of her music. Her journey from The Go-Go’s to a successful solo career and exploration of various musical genres, including French chansons and Sikh chants, has cemented her legacy in the music industry. 

Looking Forward

The Tivoli, with its rich history and intimate setting, provides the perfect backdrop for Carlisle’s performance. Known for hosting a variety of artists and events, The Tivoli is a cornerstone of Brisbane’s cultural and entertainment landscape.

As Fortitude Valley prepares to welcome Belinda Carlisle, fans can look forward to a night of nostalgic melodies and new memories. The rescheduled concert promises to be an event that encapsulates the essence of her musical legacy and the enduring charm of The Tivoli.

Published 24-Nov-2023