Where to Learn Street Dance in Fortitude Valley

Brisbane’s vibrant street dance community has found its beating heart in the CBD, where aspiring dancers and seasoned movers alike can hone their skills at some of the city’s most dynamic studios.

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Whether you’re looking to pop, lock, or break your way to dance floor dominance, these two standout locations offer a diverse range of classes to suit all levels and styles.

V-Hub Dance

Street dance
Photo credit: V-Hub Dance Brisbane/Facebook

Nestled on McLachlan Street, V-Hub Dance has become a cornerstone of Brisbane’s dance scene under the guidance of Vanessa Friscia, a veteran with over 15 years of experience. 

Ms Friscia’s background in street dance, fusion, jazz, and contemporary training infuses the studio with a unique blend of styles. V-Hub caters to dancers of all ages and skill levels, offering:

  • Adult classes in hip-hop, heels, commercial jazz, and lyrical dance
  • Three skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and pro
  • Specialised breaking and hip-hop classes for kids
Street dance
Photo credit: V-Hub Dance Brisbane/Facebook

The studio’s approach to lyrical dance is particularly noteworthy, combining expressive movements with elements of contemporary and street styles for a truly modern fusion.

Mad Dance House

Photo credit: maddance.com.au

For those willing to venture just beyond Fortitude Valley to nearby Brisbane City, Mad Dance House on Adelaide Street is a must-visit destination. This bustling studio is a veritable playground for street dance enthusiasts, offering:

  • Over 50 classes per week
  • A wide array of styles including hip-hop, popping, locking, waacking, and krump
  • Beginner courses designed to build a solid foundation
  • Advanced classes for experienced dancers looking to push their limits
Photo credit: maddance.com.au

What sets Mad Dance House apart is its commitment to the dance community. The studio regularly hosts workshops, awards grants, and produces shows and events. In a nod to accessibility, they even offer $15 Friday classes, making it easier for everyone to join in on the fun.

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Whether you’re taking your first steps or perfecting your latest routine, these studios offer the perfect environment to explore the world of street dance. With passionate instructors, diverse class offerings, and a supportive community, Fortitude Valley and its surrounds are proving to be the ideal staging ground for Brisbane’s next generation of street dance stars.

Published 5-July-2024