Trades Hall, Turbot Street, Brisbane, October 1926

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

Redevelopment of Edward Street and Turbot Street (world’s tallest building)

The tender for the redevelopment of Queensland Railway land and the Capital Hotel site was put out in October 1985 and closed on 16 December 1985. In April 1986, Cabinet looked at the tender proposals for the first time (Dec. 48546).

Of the seven proposals submitted at the preliminary stage, Seymour Developments’ proposal appeared to give the best return for government. The assessment of the Mainsel Investments Pty Ltd proposal for an 83 story tower ‘creates a landmark building which exceeds any building in the Southern Hemisphere’.

However, the Queensland Rail assessment went on to say the proposal was ‘grossly oversized to meet future predicted demand’ and didn’t comply with the Town Plan. Because of the wide variation in the proposals, Cabinet decided to seek additional information from four tenders. The Co-ordinator-General presented a detailed report

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