Your Dogs are Invited to a Dogs & Beats Silent Disco in Fortitude Valley

Photo Credit: MISS_SUMMER/Pixabay

Does your dog like music? Can your four-legged pal groove to the beat? If you’ve got a furry friend who has a penchant for moving and getting up on its hind legs to dance with you, then sign up for the dog-friendly silent disco, Dogs & Beats, that’s rolling in Fortitude Valley this Sunday, the 10th of Nov 2019.

Prohibition Brisbane, a premier party place located at 206 Wickham Street, is hosting its first-ever doggie disco party to benefit the RSPCA. Since it’s a silent disco, presumably with humans wearing the headphones, the loud music won’t be a distraction nor a stressor for the little pooches. 

All setup and ready for the dog-friendly silent disco.
Photo Credit: Prohibition Brisbane/Facebook

Have a great time on the dance floor as you shake your groove with your dog. You probably do this at home with your furry pal anyway, so why not dance in the company of other dog owners and get to meet new people (and pets!) of the same interest? 

It could be fun to make human and furry friends at this event but you’ll never know until you give it a try!

The Dogs & Beats silent disco will run from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, the event is open to doggos less than 25kg only. The puppers must also be leashed during the event to avoid any incident. 

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For every Dogs & Beats ticket purchased online, half of the proceeds will be donated to the RSPCA.