Newly Renovated GPO Building Now Home to Tama Restaurant and The Gatsby Lounge Bar

After undergoing a $9-million renovation, the heritage-listed GPO building has finally reopened, revealing an extensive refurbishment and the addition of a new restaurant and upsale cocktail bar to the historic structure that has proudly stood in Fortitude Valley since its construction in 1887. 

Once a bustling general post office, this architectural gem sadly closed its doors at the onset of the devastating pandemic in 2020.

However, thanks to Artesian Hospitality, the group responsible for renowned Gold Coast establishments Cali Beach Club and Surfers Pavilion, the GPO building has been given a new lease on life with the opening of Tama, an exquisite, 80- to 100-seat restaurant; and The Gatsby, a lavish cocktail bar.

 GPO Reopens with New Venues, Tama Restaurant and The Gatsby Lounge Bar
Photo Credit:  Facebook / Tama Dining 

The Artesian Hospitality team wasted no time in enlisting the expertise of two of Brisbane’s most celebrated hospitality talents for the project: sommelier Alan Hunter, formerly of Otto Ristorante, and executive chef Richard Ousby, renowned for his culinary skills honed at Quay and Stokehouse.

Preserving the building’s unique character was of utmost importance during the renovation process, and to achieve this, Space Cubed Design Studio collaborated with heritage architects. The result is a seamlessly transformed interior with enhanced spatial flow. 


The crown jewel is undoubtedly Tama, located on the ground floor. The place exudes sleek sophistication with its custom carpets, grand double-story windows, dazzling chandeliers, and exquisite marble and stone features.

At Tama, executive chef Richard Ousby, who previously helmed the renowned Stokehouse, takes centre stage, offering a contemporary, produce-driven menu that promises something different.

 GPO Reopens with New Venues, Tama Restaurant and The Gatsby Lounge Bar
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From delectable caviar tarts and crab pasta to indulgent seafood platters and premium steak, the culinary offerings at Tama have been carefully curated to cater to the most discerning palates.

The menu is heavily influenced by the presence of a charcoal-powered Josper oven imported from Spain, which allows for the creation of dishes that are simply unparalleled in taste and texture. 

With its unique coal pit generating temperatures of up to 450 degrees Celsius, the oven produces mouthwatering delights such as calamari with miso and yuzu, whole deboned coral trout, succulent lamb loin, and cabbage topped with fiery chili salsa.

 GPO Reopens with New Venues, Tama Restaurant and The Gatsby Lounge Bar
Photo Credit: Tama Dining /

Steak enthusiasts will marvel at how the Josper oven plays a pivotal role in preparing the perfectly cooked cut-to-order Wagyu scotch fillet and the impressive two-kilogram Angus tomahawk.

Tama’s menu extends beyond savoury dishes, featuring a selection of exquisite caviar options, including a delectable shortcrust pastry tart filled with crème fraîche and caviar.

For those seeking a touch of drama and elegance, the table-side caviar service offers blinis accompanied by shallots, crème fraîche, and chives.

Additionally, Tama presents an array of enticing small plates, such as beef tartare with parsnip and balsamic, as well as larger plates like the delectable mushroom tart with truffle custard.

To complete the culinary journey, a trio of delectable pastas awaits, including a rich pork bolognaise, four cheese tortellini, and indulgent crab bisque linguini.

An extensive wine list boasting over 400 bottles from both renowned and emerging producers around the globe provide the perfect pairings for the delectable menu. With most options ranging between $50 and $200, there is something to suit every discerning wine lover’s palate. 

For those seeking a truly luxurious experience, exclusive bottles of Dom Perignon obtained through an ambassador deal and $6000 bottles of the prestigious 2008 Krug Clos du Mesnil are available for those willing to indulge.

The Gatsby

Ascending the original staircase, customers will discover The Gatsby, an opulent back bar adorned with marble finishes. Illuminated by crystalline light fixtures and a captivating back-lit sign, The Gatsby sets the stage for an unforgettable evening.

The venue is adorned by a line of plush red velvet stools that run along the front, while the rest of the room is adorned with sumptuous low-lying velvet booths, marble-topped tables boasting elegant brass accents, and a plethora of old-world trinkets.

The Gatsby provides an immersive bar experience inspired by the 1920s. Here, sommelier Alan Hunter has curated a captivating 74-page menu that showcases a delightful mix of innovative cocktails and timeless classics. 

 GPO Reopens with New Venues, Tama Restaurant and The Gatsby Lounge Bar
Photo Credit: The Gatsby /

The menu boasts an array of options, including the Dewdropper, a delightful twist on the classic Paloma featuring blanco tequila, charred grapefruit, citrus, and agave.

Another standout creation is the Mazuma Spritz, a refreshing concoction comprising vodka, Veuve Clicquot champagne, passionfruit-washed bianco vermouth, and vanilla syrup. Enthusiasts of martinis and Manhattans will be pleased to know that these classic cocktails can be customised with their choice of base spirit.

As a truly unique feature, patrons have the option to purchase a full bottle of their favourite spirit and store it in the original 1887 vault located within the building, ensuring that guests can savour their chosen libations during subsequent visits.

With its rich history, meticulous restoration, and exceptional dining and drinking experiences, the heritage-listed GPO building has reestablished itself as a premier destination in Fortitude Valley, leaving visitors eagerly anticipating the opening of The Tax Office, another captivating venue located just around the corner.

Published 21-July-2023